Friday, July 24, 2020

Paint Party Friday: Week 21, Year 10 Check-In

Welcome to Week 21 of Year 10 here at Paint Party Friday. We continue to hope you are all safe and healthy in this time of social distancing, and that art is helping to alleviate the stress of this unprecedented situation.
This week chose #7 - Barbara. This week Barbara was experimenting by painting with a palette knife. And this lovely abstract snowy scene arose - cooling her down on a hot day!

Snow in the Woods - image courtesy of Barbara 

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Have fun experimenting this week!


  1. Lovely abstract by Barbara, thanks for hosting ladies.

  2. Barbara, this is lovely. Like I wrote last week: love the colors. Really like winter. Happy PPF!

  3. I loved Barbara's piece this week - so happy to see it spotlit here. Happy PPF all!
    Alison x

  4. Kudos to Barbara for Snow In The Woods. Happy PPF everyone

    much love...

  5. For some reason, I see an ocean scene with dolphins swimming about. But upon a second glance, it does looks like a snowy scene.

    Happy PPF!

  6. Lovely painting, and I'm quite happy to see the snow like this and not outside my window:) Happy PPF!

  7. I left the wrong link the first time, and can't remove it... sorry about that!! Can you remove the first one and leave the one that says not afraid of color the correct link? The first one was to a post of likes for the week.

  8. Love this piece! Congrats and happy PPF!

  9. I have been gone since January. Many things in my life were happening, then Covid-19. I've updated all my entries and enjoyed every single post from Paint Party Friday. Took me a whole day! But I'm back. <3