About Paint Party Friday

In early 2011,  we (Kristin and EVA) each mentioned on our blogs that we wanted to paint more this year. We had both just finished up the intense Sketchbook Project and have been participating in the fun Sunday Sketches (with Blue Chair Diary). We realized that having a weekly check-in helps us actually find the time in our busy lives to create.  Otherwise procrastination often sets in! But where were the painting check-ins? If they exist, we didn't find them. So we decided to create one!

Paint Party Friday is a fun place to visit and check-in to show off your Works-In-Progress (WIP) and your finished paintings. Let us help you celebrate what you've done! There are no rules, we are here to play, paint, share our efforts with our friends, encourage each other and hopefully accomplish more together!

You're invited to join us!!