March 15th, 2013 - Auction Blog Hop to Benefit The Sandy Hook Elementary School

If you are interested in participating, here is how the PPF Auction Blog Hop to Benefit The Sandy Hook Elementary School will work:

*Please be sure to read ALL of the information listed below, and then feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and ask any questions you may have.

1. Each auction participant will create a painting (or choose something that they've already painted) to be auctioned off on Friday, March 15th, 2013. (8 weeks from today.) This is PPF's second birthday and the start of our Year 3. This community (you!) are so wonderful and supportive, that we feel the best way to celebrate our "birthday" would be share some of the awesome creativity and generous spirit here with a community that is still in need.

2. Each auction participant will create an auction post on their own blog where they will showcase and describe the painting, tell whether or not international bids will be accepted, and possibly set a minimum bid.  (Shipping should be free to the winning bidder and paid for by each individual auction participant.)

3. A week before the auction, each participant will email a photo of the piece they will be auctioning along with the website link where they will be auctioning it. (Photos and web addresses should be emailed to paintpartyfriday (at) gmail (dot) com no later than Friday, March 8th, 2013.)

4. The day of the auction, the Paint Party Friday blog will post images of all the paintings that are part of the auction with a link to the participant's website underneath.

In addition, each auction participant should use Mister Linky to link directly to their auction post. Auction participants should put in their name with the words "AUCTION PIECE" in all capital letters.  (See the example below.) (Non-auction PPF entries are also welcome to link as usual - obviously without the added words on Mr. Linky...)

5. All participants will accept bids on their own blogs in the comments section.

6. All participants will be responsible for writing their own auction post, accepting bids, contacting the winning bidder, making sure a donation has been made (see #7), and shipping their own paintings to the winning bidder.

7. Payment will be sent directly from the winning bidder to a Newtown, CT charity.  (Please see below for links to Sandy Hook charities.)  *Once proof of donation in the amount of the winning bid is given to the auction participant (in the form of a receipt/email receipt), then the auction participant will be responsible for mailing out the painting to the winning bidder.

8. You can create more than one auction item if you'd like - each item does need its own post and Mr. Linky entry though please - not one post on all of them

9. You don't have to have an auction entry to buy a painting (or make a contribution). So please tell all your friends about it!

  ***IMPORTANT*** : 
Although Paint Party Friday will post images and links on the day of the auction, the Paint Party Friday blog will not be accepting bids, collecting or sending money, contacting winning bidders, or shipping any paintings. Each participant will be responsible for their own individual auction.*

Paint Party Friday has become such a wonderful community and we're hoping that the PPF Auction Blog Hop To Benefit Sandy Hook Elementary School will be a fun and exciting way to purchase some great art while supporting a worthy cause.

Sandy Hook Elementary Charity Websites:

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PPF Auction Blog Hop
Auction ended with over $400 raised for the charities. Thanks to all who participated!

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