Friday, February 14, 2020

Paint Party Friday: Week 50, Year 9 Check-In

Welcome to Week 50 of Year 9 here at Paint Party Friday. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

This week our random number generator chose #12 - Barbara. After an absence from painting, Barbara was inspired to get painting again, and here is her latest!

image courtesy of Barbara
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Have a fun, paint-filled week!


  1. Congratulations to Barbara,wonderful painting!Happy PPF to all, Elke

  2. Happy PPF everyone!
    Great to see Barbara's beautiful painting being featured :D)

  3. Congrats on your feature! Wonderful painting! Happy PPF!

  4. Magnificent work from Barbara, fabulous creation Congrats & thank you for sharing with us all. Happy PPF Tracey.

  5. Stunning piece from Barbara. Thanks for hosting, Kristin and Eva.

  6. Lovely landscape from Barbara

    Happy St Valentines Day my friends

    much love...

  7. Oh Barbara, that is simply lovely! You do the water so well!!!

  8. beautiful painting from Barbara. Happy PPF!

  9. Absolutely beautiful, stunning work! Congrats Barbara!
    Happy PPF to all

  10. I JUST WANT TO TAKE A MOMENT AND THANK EVERYONE WHO STOPS BY MY BLOG AND LEAVES COMMENTS. You do not know how much your kind words mean to me. Art has always been a struggle for me and your comments sincerely lift my confidence.

    1. We love stopping by your blog Jean and you have talent! It's a pleasure! :)

  11. I've been trying to post a reply to Jutta but for some reason its not working. If you read this, I really loved seeing your sketch of the starlings and wish you a Happy PPF xx