Friday, May 3, 2019

Paint Party Friday: Week 9, Year 9 Check-In

Welcome to Week 9 of Year 9 here at PPF!

This week chose #21 - Daniela Rogall. In this haunting painting, Daniela's choices of colours reflects her feelings and the season (if google translate didn't mislead...)
Blauer Akt 1 - Kohlezeichnung auf Acryl - Bildserie 1/4 - Gefühlstiefe, Auseinandersetzung mit Körper und Geist
image courtesy of Daniela Rogall
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  1. This is a stunning piece. Happy PPF.

  2. Amazing work Daniela! Happy PPF everyone!

  3. Beautiful work. Happy PPF to all, Valerie

  4. Such beautiful-soulful work, Congrats Daniela!
    happy PPF

  5. Happy PPF every one. Stunning!!! piece from Daniela

    much love...

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