Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Challenges - PPF Week 9 Post Lost

Hi Everyone,

It's been a perfect storm. The bridge (Blogger) to the party was washed out last night. We hoped everything would be up when it was repaired but the storm also destroyed the check-in post. It will take a little time to rewrite so please join the party when it gets off to a late start!

Road to Paint Party Friday

EVA and Kristin


  1. Whoa yeah baby! I've been a casualty too. BAH!
    Hang in there.:o)


  2. We have all suffered losses! See ya later!

  3. can't believe blogger's been out so long! I feel dis-oriented.

  4. My check in post was lost too. I´ll rewrite it tomorrow. I´m still painting though! :D I got time to actually use my brushes instead of only talking about them. :D

  5. I have 2 blogs on Blogger and one Wordpress. I find it irritating when I want to post something and it's down, but this is the first time, so it's not the end of the world!

    This is my first participation in the PPF - I look forward to seeing everyone's creativity from this week!

  6. So that's what happened to you! I wondered and hoped it was just a computer glitch and noting had actually happened to you two personally!

    Does disaster affect my creativity? I don't think so. And sometimes it means I can skip work then I have more time to stay at home and be creative!

  7. Lost my whole post oh week!