Friday, April 8, 2011

Paint Party Friday: Week 4 Check-In

We're so happy to have you join us for Paint Party Friday - Week 4!! Whether you are a return player or a new visitor, your contributions and painting efforts are very welcome here.

Last week you shared with us where you like to paint and most of you like painting in your studio. What a "studio" is, varies considerably but let's call it a space devoted to creating. The comments were wonderful as you told us about your special spaces. Many of us would like to be outside to paint when weather permits (soon we hope in North America!) and others paint where they can find an open flat space to work  - be it scrunched up on the floor, at the kitchen/dining room table or at a desk.

Can you guess what this week's poll will be about? Some of you, like Ileana, mentioned it in your comments, so we thought we'd discuss it this week!

BTW  - There are awesome comments - very worthwhile reading! Maybe more worth reading than this post even!    ;)

This week, the sound of music is on our minds:

(If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Linky, an explanation of how this tool works can be found on Week 1 and Week 2 check-ins.)

Paint Party Friday seems to be turning into an "all-weekend event" according to the great comments! So many talented and enthusiastic artists inspiring us to paint more and paint often! It starts Friday but goes on until you've finished visiting new friends!

We'd love it if you used this week's comment section to tell us more about what music inspires you while you're painting and what you're (like Kate Boone) really NOT a fan of! (Remember you can now subscribe to the comments by email so you can follow and participate in the conversation more easily!) We may even discover new and talented artists of the musical kind through your comments!

Have a great time at the party!!


  1. Great timing about asking what music inspires us. I posted a little music video with my painting this week. It was the song that was part of the inspiration for my painting. I LOVE to listen to music while I paint. It just depends on what mood I'm in at the time, as to what I'll listen to. For this week's painting, it was ROCK! ;)

  2. thank you for hosting this wonderful event. this is my first time to join in and I feel happy.

    I often like quiet, for everything. When i have guests I tend to put music on, not sure why. But the natural sounds of nature are just as appealing.

  3. I love the poll portion of this get together. I guess my answer would be nature sounds. Dogs barking and birds singing. I also have several wind chimes outside. I hate to say I do not have anything great to share again this week. All creativity has come to a stop here while I do some spring clean-up outside. I am also expecting a new dog to arrive here on Sunday so I need to be ready for that.
    I do love Paint Party Friday soon I will have time to play agian...I do have time to visit all of you.

  4. Personally, classical. I get lost listening to the sounds of a piano or a violin. Awesome to paint to. Moonlight Sonata, Mother's Blessing/Snatam Kaur, beautiful to listen to. There are times thought that I need the quiet. I haven't posted my PPF yet, but soon I will. Just a smally. :) Tee hee. Have a great Friday and thx for PPF.

  5. I just like to have my Ipod on shuffle so I get a wee surprise for which song is coming up next and as I loaded them all on their I know I'm going to like what ever it is!! Pink is a favourite though as is Train!

  6. Hi there! Glad to be here for the first time :)

    If the weather is nice, my preference is to throw the windows open and let the outside night, though (which is when I do most of my painting) I will turn on the ipod and listen to my "Goddess" playlist...Enya, Vas, light opera....that sort of thing :)

  7. While sketching figures at the Art Center, we listen to classical music and it's soothing. At home, as I mentioned, I put on the 80s music and get inspired. Great question, btw. :)

    I would love to paint outdoors sometime, weather permitting. I think my acrylics would dry in an instant in this Florida heat but I know artists who do it all the time and love it...especially landscape artists who paint scenes from the Everglades. One friend in particular (Linda Apriletti...she's wonderful!) puts on her bug spray and spends hours out there. I don't know how she does it.

    Happy PPF!! I'm happy to be here once again. Thank you, Chicas!!!

  8. I have to be in a relaxed frame of mind to paint, it has to be quiet and peaceful which is why I chose Nature sounds.

  9. I love listening to classical music, but quite often I work in silence.
    Am so happy that this is my 2nd party and I adore seeing everyones art. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Annette G

  10. Another great questions. I usually like to paint in silence as I distract easily. for a second choice it would be natures sound as I do love to paint outside. Thank you to our hosts for making this a fun place to come on Fridays.

  11. I love the sounds of nature, but now t hat it's warming up and I have the A/C on I listen to anything that does not have words. Words seem to be distracting. So, I listen to a big variety of easy listening type music, all the way from Native American flute music to guitar. Sometimes I love listening to easy music like Enya or my yoga music. Always like a variety.

  12. I couldn't participate in the poll ... I couldn't pick. I'm an all of the above girl (well except for the screaming kids part, more like the screaming men watching a UCONN game). Usually all sorts of noises going on around me and sometimes I just need guiet to hear the tiny sweet direction in my head that helps me to create something to behold and make smiles. Have to work outside of the home/studio today - so have to run, but as ususal ... I'll be back! thx for having me ...

  13. I usually have the tv on or I'm listening to my toddler run around the house yelling!

  14. Most of the time these days I'm listening to the teachings of Abraham.... there are hundreds of audio clips on youtube. Occasionally I listen to music and then it is old country & western and much of the time I paint in silence.

  15. Oh what a great new place!!! I have seen some work from people in the past and finally will be adding something here!!!!!

  16. I <3 paint party friday! I paint under every condition of sound - sometimes I watch tv, sometimes I listen to music (usually indie music) and sometimes I paint in complete silence. The thing is I end up drowning everything out in concentration.

  17. I usually work in silence. But if I do play music, it influences my style and movement in painting!

  18. @Tammie, @Cameron, @Diana Evans - Welcome to the party!! We're so happy you could join us for the first time!!

    Welcome back everyone! We are loving your comments about music, sounds and silence.

  19. Hi everyone :)

    Great question! I blogged about it and posted a playlist a few months ago ( )

    I'm kind of like Pointy Pix in that I just put my Ipod on shuffle. But I really like Arcade Fire and female singers with a jazz feel!

    Looking forward to visiting everyone this weekend,


  20. I'm back from the Gallery and so excited to start visiting all of you!!! Hooray!

    I am loving reading all of these responses to the music question...

    I usually start off a painting session by putting on my "Painting Playlist"... when that's over, I hit shuffle (for a very eclectic mix! ha!

    #1 on my playlist: "Tinfoil Girl" by Kathleen Smith

  21. Hi Everyone!! Happy PPF!
    Great question...I actually paint and work on my music at the same time. My studio doubles as a music while I am working on songs/tracks..I then take a break and paint while listening to my songs. Then take a break from painting..and go record more music!
    So it is quite fun!

    The one cd I do listen to is a mixed one that my beautiful bloggy friend Lisa /Priti Lisa sent is full of gorgeous music and it was such a unique gift..she plays it while she paints..and sent it to me..(you know I LOVE it rock!)

    so I listen to Lisa's cd..and my own band!

    Wishing everyone a happy wkd..and I will be visiting over the wkd...hugs and sparkles

  22. I love Fridays!!
    It really depends on my mood what I listen to while working in the studio. Sometimes just silence; very often I love to listen to the birds outside, but it also distracts me as I often stop and just watch the animals in my yards (beside the birds we have tons of squirrels and they're great fun to watch). My favorite is Native American music, that's on my iPod and it's the best background for me.

  23. Kiki, pretty Lisa sent me one too and I just love it!

  24. Hi everyone - I've just been enjoying reading all the comments. I'm afraid I couldn't pick on the poll because it varies for me. My music taste is very eclectic, sometimes its silence, often there are screaming kids, other times I'm happy listening to nature outside....where was the all of the above button? Lol. I think it varies on my mood. On the other hand, when I'm writing fiction I usually go for silence or just nature. Except that is when I want to influence the scene I'm writing or require a certain sort of inspiration.

    I love Victoria (Kiki) answer because she is so cool creating music and painting at the same time. Fab!

    I'm off to do some visiting....

    Kat X

  25. I'm late but here, Happy PPF! Sometimes I listen to the background noise of tv others times nothing at all, but the wind chimes and birds outside. Off to visit! Theresa

  26. Happy Paint Party Friday, everyone!

    I chose rock for the poll, but it varies. Sometimes I work in silence, sometimes to an audiobook. I usually put my music on shuffle, shuffling "My Top Rated" on my ipod or computer, getting a sometimes very eclectic mix, from soundtracks (Amelie and Chocolat are especially fun) to Philip Glass piano to jazz to 80s to Indie and alternative to Native American... sometimes I sing along.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone's been up to this week!

  27. @ Anne - Amelie is my very favorite movie!

    I also agree that it is very cool that Victoria (Kiki) makes her own music!

  28. Whew...I'm barely making it here, but I couldn't miss out! You all sure do motivate me!! Music-wise, I would have to say I listen to whatever feels good at the time with what I'm working on, so "all of the above" (my music tastes are quite eclectic).
    And Victoria is super awesome to paint to her own music!
    Have a great weekend!

  29. What a great question! Most of the time when I'm at work painting murals or faux the guys building the homes have their music playing, let me tell you what a huge mix there is going on. Sometimes something different in every part of the home. I try and tune most of it out. Myself I like Counrty.

  30. Woops I just realised that I left my link and comment on the wrong post. So here it is again :0)

    Hi guys great to be back after missing a couple of weeks due to visitors. I would like to paint to a relaxing background music of Jazz but it's mostly screaming children! :0) ah well!

    I will try to get round and visit everyone's blogs asap just saying goodbye to my visitors today and tomorrow :0( I'll need a bit of a cheer up after that so I look forward to seeing you all :0) x

  31. I've always liked silence, whether painting or not. I've become more and more active online and meet lots of artists who talk about painting to music, so I have begun to try it =) So far, I have played Santana, asstd jazz, Fleetwood Mac and a few others. The music is nice, but I tend to tune it out when I go deep into my painting trance, lol! I guess I am listening to my inner music, and the voices of inspiration ;) Kathryn

  32. HI again..
    yay such Fun!

    Gloria cool! So awesome we have the same cd...I love it makes it more special to know you have it too!

    Yay thankyou!! HUgs

    HUgs..yay thanks are so awesome!

    Kristin Dudish

    Its is wonderful reading everyone's comments...awesome!
    I will be by to visit tomorrow...thanks everyone for your sweet words!

  33. i often crave developmentally disabled brother lives with me and he loves his TV, the 24/7 kind of love that makes my ears want to bleed sometimes, lol. it's not until late at night when he finally turns off the TV to go to bed, that's when my creative time kicks in.

  34. I love painting to music, which varies according to mood. The picture I have shown this week was painted when I was really down and bad tempered, and I NEEDED loud punky hard rock to get me through it! Hugs, Valerie

  35. Made it this week....the cardigans are a thing of the past...atleast for the next six months anyway..have a great weekend!

  36. Hi.
    Lynn told me to link here.. :)
    So in my Blog Giveaway page; The Modern painting (gouache )is my original work of art. It is miniature painting for a Dollhouse from this year.2011.
    (The Bird painting is miniaturecopy of
    Ferdinand von Wright's painting The Fighting Capercaillies in 1886. I just made a copy, did some "treatment", so it looks more like a painting, made the frames)

  37. Hello Eva and Kristin,

    What a tremendous "art community" site. I found you by way of Pam T's and Rabbit - two sites I enjoy immensely.

    It's been a very (emphasis on very) long time since I picked up a drawing implement of any kind - I am tempted. present, I will live vicariously in the art world through the many talented folks on this site.

    Hence I have added myself as a Follower and I will be back - often!

    Happy Inspirations to all!

  38. Made myself a wonderful paint party Sunday, listening to the music of the 60s and 70s, remembering being young, and painting my *Fiesta Mexicana*. What a gorgeous day, a day like a ginat present! Hugs, Valerie

  39. Hi all :)
    I was sorry to have missed last week...
    This is so much fun! Like an Art Show every week! As for music, I like music without words or songs like prayers or songs in foreign languages...I did make a CD of my fav's for my friends, but my CD player in my studio is an a$$hole, so I just listen to the voices in my head while I work :)
    If anyone would like a CD you can let me know...
    pritistudio at comcast dot com.
    I'll be visiting everyone over the weekend xox